After producing my 2019 ‘zine “the year of beauty and darkness,” I decided to make it an annual project, compiling 52 written pieces from each year into a ‘zine.

With the chaos of 2020, “the year of sorrow and rage” isn’t specific to any one topic, like the previous ‘zine had been. Instead, it’s a catalog of my responses to quarantine, solitude, death, political upheaval, and the few glimpses of hope to be found.

It’s now available for purchase, so please use the link below to order your copy. I’m asking $6 to help cover the cost of printing and shipping, but feel free to donate as little or as much as you’re willing and able. If you’d like both ‘zines, please send along $8 or – again – however much you’re able to donate. Thanks!

During the month of October, Big Day Film Collective, located in Collingswood, New Jersey, is showing a selection of portraits I made in Kenya in 2018 at the Maasai Olympics in the exhibition Faces of Conservation: Maasai Olympics.

There will be a socially-distanced opening reception this Saturday, October 10th from 6 – 10pm, and I’ll give a short talk at 7pm. There will also be hybrid in-person and online programming taking place on Saturday, October 31st.

Part of the proceeds from print sales will be donated to The Big Life Foundation, which is the conservation organization that puts on the Olympics, as well as year-round education, outreach, and human – wildlife conflict mitigation programs.

Please click here for information on the show.

Beginning on Monday, June 15th, I’ll be teaching a five-week class through Philadelphia Photo Arts Center called Outside Influences. In it, participants will be encouraged to draw inspiration from the world around them, explore creativity and new modes of expression, and work outside of their comfort zones!
Please click here for more information, including a registration link.

The first few years I worked in the field of forensics were very challenging. A year of straight night shift left me exhausted, and poorly run departments and incompetent superiors frustrated the heck out of me. But that period proved to be a very creative one, with writing providing a way for me to process what I experienced at work. A friend introduced me to the concept of “flash fiction” or “micro fiction,” which validated the type of writing style I had been working in; the only style I could manage to sustain with such a grueling work schedule.

Last year, I assembled some of the short pieces I wrote during that time and compiled them into a ‘zine consisting of twenty-six pairs of poems, one inspired by what I was exposed to at work paired with another inspired by my life outside of work. The result is “the year of beauty and darkness.” I’m selling them for $6 each, to help cover the cost of printing. If you could like a copy, please email me at:

When I traveled to Kenya last year to photograph the Maasai Olympics, I had the good fortune to photograph some of the young women who were participating in the games for the first time. That inspired me to expand from shooting a single event to crafting a project centered on women working in conservation. As my first follow-up trip, I’ll be traveling to South Africa in November to photograph the Black Mambas, an all-female anti-poaching unit. If you would like to help fund the continuation of this project, please click out my GoFundMe campaign!