The first few years I worked in the field of forensics were very challenging. A year of straight night shift left me exhausted, and poorly run departments and incompetent superiors frustrated the heck out of me. But that period proved to be a very creative one, with writing providing a way for me to process what I experienced at work. A friend introduced me to the concept of “flash fiction” or “micro fiction,” which validated the type of writing style I had been working in; the only style I could manage to sustain with such a grueling work schedule.

Last year, I assembled some of the short pieces I wrote during that time and compiled them into a ‘zine consisting of twenty-six pairs of poems, one inspired by what I was exposed to at work paired with another inspired by my life outside of work. The result is “the year of beauty and darkness.” I’m selling them for $6 each, to help cover the cost of printing. If you could like a copy, please email me at: