Terry Collection, #377
Terry Collection, #377
As you can see, I’ve revamped my website.  I realized that although my recent work is seemingly unrelated, it’s all tied together by my concern with mortality, man’s relationship with the environment, and what the future holds for us and the rest of the planet.  Lately, I’ve been reading a great deal of revolutionary era history, biographies of the “Founding Fathers,” and political theory, as well as books on economy and the environment, in an effort to make sense of the current state of humanity, and the United States in particular.  Many writers try to put a positive spin on the direction in which we are headed, but I can’t say that I share their optimism.

I decided to re-order my website to reflect both my trajectory as an individual and an artist, as well as the trajectory of humanity’s progress.  My early work was about the interesting people and places that I surrounded myself with; the subcultures that I lived within.  In my present, I see dangerously excessive lifestyles and wasteful consumerism mixed with beauty and culture.  However, if people – particularly in the U.S. – can’t manage to rein in the former, I believe our future looks very bleak.  As a photographer, I find great beauty in that bleakness, but it doesn’t bode well for the security of future generations.